Nominate your community Love Hero

LOVE Heroes encourage Unconditional Love in their communities. With passion and conviction they work tirelessly for their cause. If you would like to nominate a monthly LOVE Hero in YOUR community, please email us at

Each month Gardentopia chooses a LOVE Hero. We promote their efforts, collect resources for their cause and provide a monetary donation to help.


Chris Brickhouse of Better Days Ahead

Better Days Ahead is a grassroots, non-profit group that distributes food, clothing, and survival gear directly to houseless and at-risk individuals in Southeastern Pennsylvania. They are based in Phoenixville and serve Chester County to Center City in the Philadelphia area. Helping people is their passion. They are dedicated to treating all clients with the dignity and humanity they deserve. They distribute essential items directly to those on the streets. If you know someone in-need or houseless, Request Help for them now. And visit Better Days Ahead’s at

Shine a Light on the Marginalized

We can no longer sit in the shadows and allow our peers to go unseen. Embrace those in need, those without a voice and those persecuted. Rally with those who stand left of center and identify outside the norms. Encourage coloring outside of the lines. After all, we are a melting pot of beautiful differences. And we are LOVE… Just Love.

Let Love Guide You

Commit and follow LOVE everyday and you will never go wrong. Actively wake each morning with the conviction to be the best person you can be. Share that conviction and your open, compassionate heart with everyone that you encounter. Kindness is catching. Compassion is contagious. And LOVE heals.