You Are Chosen!

You are a male by birth; You are a man by choice. You are a female by birth; You are a woman by choice. What kind of man or woman have YOU CHOSEN to be?

The physical body does not define us. The body simply reflects the expression of the soul, which is the real you. The body is nothing more than a temporary robe of flesh and bones. It is the wearer of that robe that gives expression. Without the body, we wouldn’t know you exist. And for the record, the soul has no gender. It just is what it is so express yourself YOUR WAY! (choose Love)

Likewise, the past does not define us either. The past was just a series of life lessons designed to lead us to the discovery of Unconditional Love if we are open to it. Only the “present you” has the power to communicate who you are because you are NOW, not then. Don’t allow your soul to be predefined by your body, your past, or by anyone else. Who are you? Only YOU can answer that question.

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