Walk It Back!

Before we judge others, we should pause to consider that we all have been influenced and are affected by people and events in our past. We should try to focus on the good of people and see their potential in Unconditional Love. As we have discussed previously, the soul is the real you and YOU ARE LOVE(d). But the soul is also reflective and it reflects the things it chooses to focus on. In other words, if we focus on hateful things, we will hate. If we focus on divisive things, we take sides and separate from one another. If we focus on scary things, we will be scared. But if we focus on unconditional love, we will love unconditionally. Remember the “looking glass”? Our perspectives are shaped by our FILTERS or the so called “glasses” we see life through. What are we choosing to focus on? The answer to this question makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE.

I was sharing this Unconditional Love message with a coworker and I was immediately rebutted with the question, “How can we possibly love murderers and rapists?” Great question! How can we possibly love those who have embraced the things of hate, greed, and cruelty? Hate only happens when we do not choose to embrace Love. Hate is “Misplaced Love” and it leads to the deformity of the soul. It’s unnatural for people not to function in their true nature. We were born to love unconditionally but there are those that give themselves over to the darkness of evil and have become lost. These are the so called “monsters among us”.

So how DO we love the unlovely? How do we love someone who’s beast nature is raging? How can compassion be found for such evil? Walk it back! Walk it back to before the darkness took over. Keep walking it back to before they misplaced their love! Cruelty, abuse, neglect, and wrong teaching can be devastating to a child’s initial love they were born with. The depth of the outside action is often a reflection of the depth of the inside damage and pain. Sometimes we need to walk it back to childhood. Walk it back to that helpless child who suffered at the hateful hands of misplaced love. If we walk it back to the innocence, we will find the compassion because that innocent child is still in there, alone and crying beneath the layers of all that darkness. Only Unconditional Love can see past the layers, hear their desperate cries for help and soothe their pain. Only Unconditional Love can save them and bring them home.

Maybe YOU are the one who has misplaced YOUR love. Unconditional Love begins inside our own hearts for how can we truly love others if we do not love ourselves first. . Find the compassion for yourself. Walk yourself back and pick up your Unconditional Love and find the peace and happiness that your soul has been craving in it’s frustrating conditions.

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