Change the Filter: The Label & The Wine

Sometimes we get so caught up with the glitz and glamour of a label that we forget that it is about what’s inside the bottle that counts. When wine is ready for distribution, it is put into bottles with labels. The label isn’t the star of the show, the wine is! The label simply helps to identify the wine INSIDE the bottle. People are thirsty for the intoxicating wine of Unconditional Love! Some like the bottles with the Jesus label while others prefer the labels with the Buddha or a menorah or a pentagram. Does the label your drinking from lead you to the wine of Unconditional Love? If the label leads to intolerance, divisiveness, or “the only way”, you are drinking the wrong wine and it may be time to “Change the Filter”. There’s nothing wrong with drinking wine from a bottle with a label, so to speak, but it’s an epiphany to know that one doesn’t need a label at all to drink the wine. YES! Unconditional Love IS a reality and we have direct access to it. Sometimes our labels get in the way of our true purpose and that is to connect directly with Unconditional Love.

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