Misplaced Love

“Love is patient, caring. Love is kind. Love is felt most when it’s genuine. But I’ve had my share of love abuse, manipulated, and it’s strength misused.” (Hezekiah Walker, God Favored Me)

The STRENGTH of Love can be seen in the Light of all that is good; but it can also be seen in the devastation of it’s dark misplacement. Hate. Evil. Cruelty. These are words to describe “misplaced love”. Hate only happens when people do not choose love. Hate has no power because hate doesn’t exist on it’s own. Only LOVE. Therefore, we say that only the Strength and Power of Love exists, even when it is carelessly misused. Think of this concept like fire. Fire provides us with warmth and light. It is used to remove impurities from our gold and food-poisoning bacteria from the food we eat. But that same strength and power, when misused, can also melt the skin off the body and burn away all that is precious to us. When we choose to love unconditionally, the hardest hearts soften and the wounded hearts heal. Those who find Unconditional Love find the peace and goodwill of that which we call heaven. Likewise, by the same measure, love abuse, misuse, and neglect can cause the soul to fall into the endless depths of despair, grief and heartache that we call hell.

What shall we say then? We have two paths we can go down. Each path leads to destinations that are as far away from each other as the east is from the west. One path is the path eastward to Unconditional Love and peace and the other is westward to the hellish pain and grief of misplaced love. Each direction is as powerful as the other; one that gives life and one that brings heartache and death. May we all choose the way eastward . Choose Unconditional Love!

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