From one small seed grows a Garden of LOVE

Let’s Do This!

Gardentopia’s shared global community is guided by Love, kindness, and compassion.

In our hearts, we are united in LOVE.  Yet in our minds, we debate our religious doctrines, argue our political affiliations, condemn sexual preferences and identities, create racial divides, hate, discriminate and separate.  

When we encounter LOVE, we are led to celebrate our diversity with tolerance, and embrace one another’s differences with open minds, acceptance and support. Sometimes we get so caught up in our minds that we lose our way back to our hearts. Gardentopia can show you the way!

Our Mission is to facilitate change in the global ethos in how people approach LOVE by re-educating our understanding of love. The challenge isn’t learning how to love, which is innate in us at birth, but rather removing the issues that keep us from it.  Gardentopia will educate and provide the tools to get us there.  

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