From one small seed grows a Garden of Unconditional LOVE

Take a stand for Unconditional LOVE and Give from your hearts. All donations are used directly to improve our community and spread the mission.

Gardentopia Events

JOIN US each month for an experience of Unconditional LOVE community, music and a celebration of our local Love Heroes.

If you have a drum, bongo, maraca, or anything to bang on… bring it along… And join the celebration.

Nominate your local LOVE Hero for the coming months and support your community.

Gardentopia 2021

Garden Gatherings are community events fostering love, kindness and compassion.

Gardentopia 2021
Let’s Do This!

Gardentopia’s shared global community is guided by Love, kindness, and compassion.

In our hearts, we are united in Unconditional LOVE.  Yet in our minds, we debate our religions, argue our politics, condemn sexual preferences and identities, create racial divides, hate, discriminate and separate.  

When we encounter LOVE, we celebrate our diversity with tolerance, and embrace one another’s differences with open minds, acceptance and support. Sometimes we get so caught up in our minds that we lose our way back to our hearts. Gardentopia can show us the way!

Our Mission is to change how people approach Unconditional LOVE around the globe by re-educating our understanding of LOVE. The challenge isn’t learning how to LOVE unconditionally, which is innate in us at birth, but how to remove the obstacles that keep us from it.  Gardentopia educates and provides the tools to get us there.

#UnconditionalLove is all around us. Just open your heart to see it.


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Conflicting messages confuse the landscape of today’s society . Look at the faces below and recognize our similarities and not our differences. We are all human, and as a result we are all ONE humanity. Let LOVE guide you and make society whole again.

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